16 comments on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – City of Chicago

    • Thanks for taking the tour, Rainee! There are so many wonderful things to see there. I’m hoping to make the effort to get into the city more often. After my daughter moved, there was less reason to take the train down there but I do miss the bustle of city life.

  1. When I came to your Thurs. Door post, I saw you had a category for art. There is certainly enough of it in Chicago! But London has a very special atmosphere, with so much history!
    I hear you – we lived for most of my adult life in a big city, Berlin, the Hague, etc.) so when we moved 3 y. ago to the country side, it felt like a more difficult transition, than when I moved from Holland to Los Angeles.

    • Moving house can be a bit traumatic. I’ve had several different homes, emigrating from England to the US was the hardest, but now I feel like enough is enough. I enjoy traveling but I don’t think I could take the upheaval of another move.

      • This one was an unexpected one. I suffer for art, lol! It’s that I needed a bigger space than a condo to paint a 10 x 17 feet canvas. Southern California/ Orange county are fit for millionaires, and I didn’t have even half of that laying around:)

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