13 comments on “Thursday Doors – Mayslake Outside

  1. Wow, great doors. Fancy only using them for a year! I have to say I thought this was in England when I saw the first photos, they did a good Tudor copy job!

    • Thanks, Vicky! You hear of this happening so often, when these old time, big-money men had places built and then hardly ever got to live in them. I imagine Mayslake was really beautiful when it was brand new. It can’t be easy to restore something like this as they can only do things if and when they have the funds.

    • I always collect as much informational literature as I can when we go to these places. I’m usually too busy taking pictures to read all the plaques and signs while we’re there so it really helps to have something to refer to when I get back and start putting one of these posts together.

    • Thanks, Janet! It certainly pays to check on these various websites from time to time. I had no idea they were giving tours until I saw mention of it when I was doing some online research.

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