31 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Sign of the Times

  1. How clever to use these Ads to tell the changes we have gone through. Change for the better! Thank you so much for the stories 🙂

  2. I will certainly share this with my squash playing friends. In squash you want to be on the T as that is where you can control the game the best from. This Camel T-zone is going to make you suffer at the T. Thanks for the gift suggestions 🙂 except for the guillotine that is!! I am sure the Bard ate lard…

  3. I once gave Mrs T a load of manure for her Christmas present. It was dumped outside our kitchen window. She was very grateful and said that every time she looked at it , it reminded her of me.

  4. Great add and laughing at the smoke inner direction and she will follow you anywhere –
    And then also the over-smoked – hmmmm
    Never heard that term

    The art and messages of the ads do show such great change and you grabbed a culture vein!
    Well done m(even though I disagree with the animal fat as leading to the heart disease – took me a long time to get to this view –
    But there are other variables that occurred which had way more impact leading to poor inside health!
    1) use of chemicals and corrupted food
    2) sugar! It was being used more and more and everyone is blind to this immune stopping pathogen feeding item that is in most standard American diets
    And then came sugar substutues that cause tumors and kill mice and we say it is okay to add to chemicals called natural flavors exposed to dyes and heavy metals (it is good animal fat that can chelate heavy metals from the body)
    3) the use of corn as food for animals and humans – then they changed that corn and modified it and the intestines hate it
    4) stress – industry and the go go go view – stress causes heart problems and keeps the parasympathetic Nercous system engaged and leads to many heart problems
    5) antibiotics that woo our all the good flora and enzymes and bacteria – the insides are waiting targets for pathogens and the heart suffers too
    And 6)overlooked intestinal parasites – we all have some parasites inside – the earliest caveman had trace lines from intestinal stuff – but the parasite load becomes too heavy when we get sugared up and it leads to candidiasis –
    Well then parasites pull from health (I know first hand with all of the items here because I healed from the inside out)

    In closing – thanks for letting me share that and these ads are a really interesting culture-rich share !

    • Thanks, Tina! I remember seeing ads like this when I was young and didn’t really think anything of it but now I would be outraged at some of these sentiments. It makes me wonder if there are any ads today that I would find so outrageous. Something to ponder.

    • I remember both Mum and I cooking with lard and, up until a few years ago I would search high and low for a nice piece of beef suet for the Christmas pudding, something I wouldn’t dream of doing these days. Thanks for visiting, Marie!

  5. Oh wow, that’s quite a historic overview you’re offering here. It’s plain to see how the ads have influenced people since the early days. As for lard, I really don’t think it’s such a killer, especially if you compare it to the stuff people eat nowadays. My grandfather cooked on lard all his life too. But he smoked all this life too… Hard to say which got him in the end.

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    • Thanks for visiting! These old ads certainly gave us food for thought. Did we ever take them seriously at the time, find them funny, or did we just ignore them? I can’t remember now.

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