19 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Display

    • It was disappointing after all the work we had done to prepare for it, but we more than made up for the lack of sales with the fun we had just being together as a family, remembering old times and laughing over some of the escapades that the girls used to get up to at Grandma’s.

    • Thanks, Chris! The pictured items went home with our daughters and we are currently storing a lot more stuff for them in an already overcrowded basement. Why is it that after the kids move out, we seem to have as many of their things as when they lived at home!!

  1. I remember that wash board from my early childhood. This was before washing machines were so prevalent. I remember my mother washing clothes using one of those. Seeing that really brought back memories.

    • I’m glad these items brought back some moments from the past for you. The girls remembered their grandma using the washboard. My memories go back to my mother using an old mangle which I commandeered, as a child, to press leaves. Unfortunately some berries got in there as well and made a right mess.

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