27 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Sanctuary…The Magic Of Charles Laughton

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found the link. Somehow the post was published before I had a chance to add my challenge images so I hope you will revisit to see them.

  1. This is wonderful, Sue! I love the video clip. I don’t know why I never saw the film, but I loved the book. I hope you get to Paris and I hope by then, you’ll be able to see a restored cathedral.

    • Thanks, Patti. One of the things my father and I enjoyed doing together was watching old b/w movies. ‘The Hunchback’ and ‘Ivan the Terrible ‘ were the two that stood out in my mind the most. I was astounded to read later that they had built the set for Paris and the cathedral in the San Fernando Valley. It looked so real.

  2. Beautiful photographs Sue and thank you so much for sharing the clip. I had seen the film many years ago and was lucky enough to visit Notre Dame in the seventies and eighties. I do hope you will get to see it in real life, it’s an amazing place with so much history 🧡

    • Thank you, Xenia! I could kick myself now, for missing the opportunity to visit France when I lived so close in England all those years ago. But at the time I didn’t realize that I would move so far away with little hope of ever returning. Thank you for giving us such a great theme for the challenge.

  3. What a clever and creative response Sue! I loved both the book AND the movie. I visited the cathedral many, many, MANY years ago and it was absolutely breathtaking. But I never went to the tower. I wonder if one is allowed? In any case, excellent choice for the challenge.

  4. Beautiful photos, Sue. Perfect for the theme. Thank you for sharing the link. I have visited the cathedral a few times. I wonder how the restoration is going on…

  5. Thank you. It has been years since I have seen that movie. I watched the clip, but I have to go and find the movie and watch the whole thing all over again. It was a great movie. Love your pics. The monochrome really highlights the images.

    • Thank you! Sometimes b/w just seems like the right choice and I thought since the movie was in b/w, this might work. Sometimes the old movies are the best. I’ve never seen a remake of this one that can compare to the excellence of the original.

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