My Other Blogs

When I first joined WordPress I intended to write mostly about nature, flowers, wildlife etc so I named the blog The Nature of Things .

Then, after I got my feet wet, so to speak, I branched out into other topics and started a blog called Incidentally  I’ve tried to make the subjects as varied as possible, drawing mostly from incidents in our family life, day to day happenings and memories of the past, although hopefully I’m not becoming too bogged down in what has gone before.

Getting the Picture is strictly photographic in content; pictures that have appeared in my other blogs or ones that are getting an airing for the first time. No reading involved. There are those days when I just can’t seem to string two words together so I head over to the picture files.

Anyway, I hope if you haven’t already visited the other two sites, you’ll give them a whirl and thank you for visiting.

13 comments on “My Other Blogs

  1. This is a lovely blog with some gorgeous photos.

    I’ve not had problem with my multiple blog personality syndrome and getting posts up in topics. I’ve not checked since everything was pushed into reader because I don’t like that format. But it certainly worked ok before. Everypic blog, Clouds (thoughts) blog and main one, roughseas, all used to come up.

    Have you asked on the support forum?

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